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How to prove negligence in automobile accidents

When a driver is not responsible while driving his car and someone is seriously injured because of it, the driver can and should be sued to respond for the damage caused. Your insurance company and your accident attorney will begin an investigation to determine if the driver was negligent or not. Some of the factors that are considered to establish responsibility are:

  •  The speed of the driver
  •  If you drove under the influence of some substance
  •  If you did not obey traffic signals
  •  If you did not take into account weather conditions
  •  Prosecutors may also include passengers, cyclists or pedestrians.

Monetary Compensation for automobile accident

Our attorneys know that when a person is the victim of a car accident, their life and that of their family can change rapidly. The compensation for damages, or reparation, is intended to help the victims of automobile accidents for what they suffered and the changes that these losses cause to their lives. Some common monetary compensations cover:

  •  Medical expenses
  •  Future medical expenses
  •  Loss of salary
  •  Loss of production capacity or generation of income

These non-economic damages are more difficult to quantify and compensate the plaintiff for:

  •  Pain and suffering
  •  Emotional distress
  •  Loss of conjugal benefits

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Our lawyers speak and understand Spanish. A lawyer who does not speak your language will not understand the details of your problems that could impact the outcome of the verdict. The Morgan & Morgan Law Firm has a team of Hispanic / Latinx lawyers ready to listen to you. Legal experts at have decades of experience with these types of auto cases and have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for their clients.

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Our accident lawyers want you to be happy with the outcome of your case, so the main goal of is to obtain the maximum monetary compensation possible to ensure that the guilty parties pay the appropriate money to our clients for their losses afterwards. of an automobile accident, whether economic or not.

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